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My BGA story episode 3

Some time ago, we asked you to share with us your nicest stories with Board Game Arena.

Today, we publish a story from Riccardo. Thank you for playing & loving BGA!

I am writing to tell you the story of a special encounter I've made thanks to BGA.

Glocko and I (nickname: artax) played together for the first time almost a year ago, on 25 July 2013 to be precise (Troyes n° 4805887). At the end of the game, we started to chat: seeing a Belgian flag next to my nickname, Glocko told me that he was about to move from Australia to Brussels with his family for some time. We then exchanged contact details by e-mail and actually met soon after in real life. I was delighted to have a new gaming friend from so far away and to be introduced to his wife and two teenage children, who also greatly enjoy playing board games. Since then we've been playing together once a week in real life and a few other times on BGA, too. Needless to say, I couldn't have met Glocko if it hadn't been for BGA.
Everytime we meet to play in real life, it's also the opportunity to learn more about different cultures (they are Australian and I am Italian) and to practise my English. I was very lucky to meet these wonderful people, who are now among my best friends in Brussels. So much so that they all attended my wedding in Tournai earlier this year.

To share with us your nicest story with Board Game Arena, please write to contact@boardgamearena.com with subject "My BGA story".
09/27/2014 Hozzászólok
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New chat & notification system

We are experimenting today a new chat/notification system on BGA main website.

Until now, chat messages from different sources were mixed up at the bottom left of BGA. With this new system, each conversation gets its own dedicated space. Discussion history is also displayed from top to bottom - which is more logical.

If this is satisfying, we may use this system also into the games in order to make a clear separation between the chat messages and the history logs.

Don't hesitate to give us your feedback about this system.

UPDATE: following your feedback, the new system has been updated:
  • General messages are now back to the bottom left space.
  • Size of the chat windows has been reduced.
09/23/201435 hozzászólás
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Hive: the Mosquito, the Ladybug and the Pillbug

We're happy today to introduce on BGA 3 new expansions to Hive: the Mosquito, the Ladybug and the Pillbug!

If you didn't play Hive yet on BGA, we could say that it's a little like if chess had been brought in the XXIst century to the mysterious insect world. The game is played 1 on 1, using hexagonal pieces matching various insects, and the goal is to capture the Queen Bee of your opponent. It's of course very tactical: an astute sequence of moves can completely reverse the flow of the game at any moment. And the average time for a game is just around 10 minutes!

Hive is a subtle, profound game that will grow on you over time: the more you play, the more you like it. So we strongly encourage you to go beyond your first learning games to really enjoy it! And of course don't forget to buy a copy to enjoy Hive with your friends (ie: beat them).

Here are the main characteristics of the 3 new bugs:
  • The Ladybug moves three spaces; two on top of the Hive, then one down.
  • The Pillbug moves like the queen bee, but it can also take an adjacent friendly or enemy piece and place it on an empty space adjacent to itself.
  • The Mosquito takes on the movement characteristics of any creature it touches at the time.

We'd like to thank a lot Gen42 Games and John Yianni for making it possible to have these expansions here, and of course Cédric Leclinche (vaanatomic) and Antoine Tallotte (Ixxar) who developed both Hive and Hive expansions for BGA!
09/15/20144 hozzászólás
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We are happy to introduce a new classic game on BGA: Backgammon.

Most board games on BGA are modern, but many players like to play classic games here to enjoy BGA functionalities such as replay, ELO, statistics, trophies... Thus we are happy today to propose them this new classic game for two players.

Backgammon is a dice game. The goal is to move checkers around, then off the board. The first player to get all of his checkers off the board wins.

On your turn, you roll 2 dice, and you can make 2 moves accordingly - one move with one checker, and another move or with the same checker or another one. You can only move on "free" positions, meaning positions that are not occupied by 2 or more of your opponent's checkers. If you land on a position with only 1 checker belonging to your opponent, you "hit" it and place it on the middle bar (and it has to start over from the beginning). Finally, if you roll a double (for example 2-2), you can do 4 moves with that value.

This very nice adaptation of Backgammon for BGA has been developed by Hubert Borderiou using BGA Studio. A big thank you to him for this nice work!

09/09/201413 hozzászólás
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#3 Seasons tournament tonight (4 matches, Swiss System)

We are organizing a big Seasons tournament tonight, starting 20:30 central European time.

4 matches are to be played at 20:30, 21:15, 22:00 and 22:45, with Seasons official tournament deck.

The tournament can host up to 50 participants. Please do not register if you aren't available between 20:30 and 23:00 tonight.

To register now, click here.
09/05/20143 hozzászólás

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